Data Network Solutions

Data Network Solutions

AAA Voice and Data are your data network experts offering a complete design, infrastructure roll out and setup of your new network requirements. AAA Voice and Data offer new complete solutions we can also upgrade and maintain existing networks. Our cabled LAN, wireless LAN and LAN hardware ensure our customers enjoy a fast and efficient experience that increases productivity.

Networking solutions from LANCOM are innovative, secure and future-proof. Dependable technologies from Germany that you can rely on.

Data Network
Lancom Systems


Routers & VPN Gateways

LANCOM business routers of the 1700, 1600, and 800 series offer professional and secure Internet access for small and midsized infrastructures, as well as branch and home offices. The VPN-capable models additionally allow the secure inter-networking of multiple sites.

Wireless LAN

The intelligent Wi-Fi solutions from LANCOM are easy to install and offer extensive security mechanisms. For the application in rough environments LANCOM additionally offers access points in metal housing and devices with integrated antennas for inconspicuous installations.

Take advantage of the many benefits of wireless networks. A LANCOM wireless infrastructure is quick to install without any changes to the building, flexible, expandable, and always offers a high level of mobility and convenience for the growing number of wireless devices.

Network Connectivity

Smooth and reliable cross-site communication is essential for efficient and economical operations, which makes this a decisive factor for your success. LANCOM offers flexible solutions that perfectly fit your needs and which, above all, offer a secure network design.

The individual nature of the structures at each different enterprise demands a flexible solution that perfectly fits your needs and one which, above all, offers a secure network design—at multiple sites and offering high performance and protection against unauthorized access. VPN devices from LANCOM offer the versatility for the secure and reliable implementation of complex networks with large numbers of different sites, and also for smaller networks which integrate external employees.

Hotspot solutions

Professional access for your visitors

Online. Anywhere, anytime. Preferably for free and with a minimum of effort. The Public Hot Spot solutions from LANCOM fulfill this wish for your visitors and, at the same time, they securely separate the guest network from your company’s network. What’s more, LANCOM solutions adapt perfectly to the size of your network—and your budget. An open interface makes it easy to integrate external systems without problem.


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