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Telephone Systems and Network Solutions

Things You should know about selecting new Telephone Systems, Data and Networking solutions.

Selecting  Telephone Systems can be downright confusing. There are so many brands and options to choose from. With features and pricing being often so similar between various brands it can be a close race on which Telephone Systems to choose. In matter of fact, the Business you choose to roll out the Telephone Systems or Network Solution can be more important than the solution itself. AAA Voice and Data provide practical advice through consultation and tailoring the technology to maximise your returns from day 1.

At AAA Voice and Data we offer enterprise quality hardware with an experienced consultancy team, identifying needs, and designing a high speed structured Network Solutions that can handle all data and telephony requirements.

Our Networking Solutions cover a wide range of customer needs. From a simple one access point solution, a multi access point solution. We now offer social media promotional solution.

This social media promotional solution will provide your customers with free WiFi via a social media log on.  Returning an in-depth understanding of how that customer interacts with your business. It also enables a business the opportunity to provide your customers with promotional materiel such as,  discount coupons, happy hour, wine nights….etc.

Telephone Line Plans and Data Plans

AAA Voice and Data able to provide options from a number of service providers through our partners such as Telstra, Optus, Commander and a number of high quality VOIP options.





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